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From one dog owner to another. Our open and honest views on the world of dogs, our news, and generally anything we think may help or interest you as a fellow dog owner. 

4 Jun 2019

A big hello to you all!

The start of 2019 has brought with it some exciting changes for Dog Royalty - in addition to a lovely new team member we have been able to:

● Open our new outdoor 'Oasis' space
● Extend our catchment area with the addition of another fully air-conditioned van 

Outside area: The Oasis

We've been delighted to open our Oasis, a large outside daycare space with two separate areas, complete with custom-built doggy splash pool, artificial grass and sand pits. The dogs have been loving being outside and are often so engaged and stimulated with the activities and sniffing that we can merge all sizes into one group for added socialisation. We do still have two spaces however if we need to keep groups separate for safety. We generally head outside for our second play session of the day. 

Additional Van & Extended routes 

Our extended van fleet means we are delighted to be able to offer the chauffeur-pick-up Dog Royalty experience to more are...

2 Nov 2017

Hello patrons!

Firstly I hope you all had a fang-tastic Halloween, got all the treats you desired, and didn't have nightmares from our freaky halloween post (right). I'm sure some of our pups are still confused as to why we suddenly start dressing them up in loads of outfits at this time of year! It's been a jam-packed last few months, fresh off the back of our stall at the Muddy Paws event for Maggie's Rescue,  a lot of puppy birthdays and, of course, our own Birthday month of celebrations. 

We recap on some of these events in this newsletter in case you missed any of this, as well as introducing our newest colleague and qualified masseuse Jelena - who has already got stuck into performing free massages and assessments on some lucky daycare pups. We also look to the future - namely to our Christmas closure dates and more excitingly, the biggest bash of the year, the Dog Royalty New Years Eve slumber party! There are still places left so get in touch t...

11 Jul 2017

Who can believe that we are halfway through the year already?! The time has flown past at Dog Royalty HQ as we move into chillier times. In the last month or so we have welcomed a large number of new recruits to our pack, and with this some fantastic new playmates for all our pups!
​We were also thrilled to be featured on the front cover of the
Inner West Courier and featured across the platform, as Calley continues her quest for Australian fame, from her humble Northern English roots. :-)

We hope you enjoy this month's newsletter, which will help you get to know some of our new patrons, covers a few of our favourite doggy days out around Sydney, and will also help you to get to know our colleague Sarah a little more too.

Thanks for your continued patronage,

Chris   (Founder, Dog Royalty)

To get an idea of the mix of doggies any one day will bring to our Dog Royalty Mansion, we have collated a quick snapshot of June joiners so you can get to...

28 Apr 2017

Dear Royal Patrons, 

I hope you had a great Easter and managed to eat less chocolate than I did. I've recently

returned from a whirlwind trip back to the UK, where I met my new nephew (see pic right), had to give a Bestman's speech at a wedding and was also forced to remember I'm too old for Bucks parties! I did also manage to fit in one dog walk with the groom-to-be too (awful pic below). One thing I did notice over there (apart from everyone thinking 15 degrees was warm weather) was how dog friendly it is there - dogs are on buses, on the tube, and in every pub going. It's one of the only things my wife Lucy and I miss about the UK really (friends and family excepted).  While Sydney is

currently less dog-friendly overall, luckily this is slowly but surely changing, and with more dog-friendly pubs springing up all the time, you can usually now at least find somewhere to have a relaxed drink in and bring your dog to as well. Do let us know your favourite dog-friendly pubs - one of...

3 Mar 2016


Lessons learnt from having a leash-pulling puppy



We got our beautiful GSP-cross-Vizsla puppy Calley (the one dotted all over our website) just over two years ago, and have never once regretted it, but that doesn’t mean there haven’t been a few times when they drive you a little insane! One of the main things that continually frustrated us was her lead pulling, especially as she grew bigger and stronger. 


We tried everything to help solve the pulling, including several methods trainers - who we got in to help at various stages - taught us. It was becoming a big problem mainly because Calley quickly got to the size when she could pull my wife Lucy over very easily. Now perhaps we didn’t stick to the training advice well enough, or we executed it poorly, but Calley just did not have any interest in staying behind/beside us on the lead. I should add that Calley is very well trained in most other respects. She is well-mannered, stays, comes, knows ‘off’ (definitely the c...

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