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At Dog Royalty we offer home pick-up and drop-off for all dogs, so we pick your dog up from your Tempe abode and transport them to our huge premises in air-conditioned comfort for a day of fun and frolics. 

just a few of our benefits...

We offer safe, secure play all day for your dog to explore, play and relax off leash at all times, grouped together with similar size and like-minded dogs. Our Dog Royalty staff are passionate about keeping your dogs safe, engaged and stimulated so they return home to you happily exhausted. 


We offer free basic training for all our dogs so can help train your dogs out of certain bad habits, or work on basic recall. Dog daycare is also great in helping many dogs overcome behavioural issues through exercise and socialisation, and can also help with seperation anxiety. 


At Dog Royalty our aim is simple:  

To provide the easiest, most convenient and stress-free service possible for owners, and to maximise your dog's happiness every day, no matter what size dog 

Why choose Dog Royalty over other day cares?

Home Pick Up 

from Tempe

Gone are the days you need to bust a gut getting your dog to and from day care every morning and night. Unlike other doggie day cares, at Dog Royalty EVERY dog is picked up from home, and dropped off right back there, so you can leave for work and return when you like. Want to stay out late? Use our late drop off and feed service, or overnight boarding services!

Huge premises

One of the primary reasons Dog Royalty was born was because we couldn't stand the thought of our dog locked in small confined spaces for most of the day. Dog Royalty provides a huge space for your dog with lots more space than competitors, including outside spaces and a facility designed around what dogs like, including water features. Your dog will love it! 

Great Value

Our business is designed with home pick-up included - this allows us to offer very competitive rates vs. traditional daycares given the added benefits. We are confident that the time you save and convenience of our offer will ensure you see us as great value. Use us as your one stop shop for grooming, food delivery & short term boarding and see how much time you can save!


No obligation, no payment required, just add your details and we'll be in touch with next steps